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I live in Iowa City, Iowa, a UNESCO City of Literature. I am in my third year as a project manager at the Iowa Reading Research Center at the University of Iowa, where I oversee a team of 15-18 full-time and student staff to publish research findings on best practices in reading instruction, analyze school and student data, and produce eLearning content for teachers and students in Iowa and beyond. Before this, I worked for 7 years in English Language Arts Test Development at ACT, where I wrote fiction and nonfiction passages and test items for standards-based assessments; participated in designing, troubleshooting, and implementing a new authoring system; and fostered a motivated, high-functioning teams.

Before migrating to Iowa, I obtained my MFA in Fiction at New Mexico State University, where I also taught composition and creative writing and served as a managing editor of the literary magazine Puerto del Sol. I am a native of Indianapolis, Indiana, and pursued a double major in creative writing and English Education at Butler University, where I met my husband and fellow writer Mike Meginnis. Together we founded Uncanny Valley Press, an online and print publication with a focus on innovative narratives and technology-inflected works. My personal projects include Strange Clay, a series of short stories set in an environmental postapocalypse, and developing music and branching narratives for my own video games.

I thrive on projects that require an intersection of creative and technical problem solving, and I am always eager for opportunities to expand my skills with new engines, tools, and media. I am also well-versed in education principles from kindergarten to college and career education, and I feel that my background in this area allows me to create practical solutions out of complexity, clearly communicate to an audience, and ensure all users can equally access the finished product. Ultimately, I hope to do work that synthesizes my skills and interests, with the goal of bringing people unique narrative experiences that positively impact their lives.

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